Skinny Jeans Are a Closet Staple, Here Are All the Fresh Ways to Wear Them RN

While we see plenty of jean trends come and go each year, the classic skinny jean is undoubtedly one that will never go out of style. Your denim collection might be in a constant rotation from season to season with new on-trend pieces, but chances are you always have a few pairs of go-to skinny jeans in there at all times—ideal for getting you out of any fashion dilemma.

So how should we style our skinny jeans right now to keep them looking fresh, modern, and cool? Below, we’re sharing plenty of fashion-forward skinny jeans outfit ideas to get you inspired. From pairing them with failsafe classic pieces to clever layering, it’s time to rediscover just how versatile your skinny jeans are, and why they’re such a staple in your closet. We’ve also included plenty of skinny jean shopping picks should you need a denim update.

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