25 Spring Shoes I Want To Wear Once I Can Finally Put Away My Winter Boots

With the colder temperatures, I’ve only been drawn to my snow boots and Uggs (I can’t help it, they’re too comfy), but I’m already dreaming of mules, sandals, and any shoe that doesn’t have to be waterproof. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of boots because of their comfort and easy wear, but the warmer weather tends to bring more variety in the shoe department, and I’m ready for it.

It may not be spring yet, but I decided to take a dive through my favorite retailers’ selection and I am so glad I did. From on-trend colors to unique prints, the offering is strong and is already getting me excited to break free from my go-to pair of black chunky boots. Everyone has different styles, but there’s an option below for you, whether you like a pair of fun sneakers, classy heels, or a printed clog as your shoe of choice. If you want to see my spring shoe wishlist, keep scrolling. 

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