7 Hailey Bieber Jewelry Trends We’ll All Wear in 2021 (and 7 She’s Ignoring)

If you follow Hailey Bieber on Instagram, you know that her jewelry collection is something to behold. Even when she’s just wearing workout clothes or a swimsuit, she’s always dripping in gold and diamonds. With her hoop earrings, chunky rings, and layers of chains, she’s living, breathing proof that bold jewelry has eclipsed dainty jewelry trends of seasons past.

We did a deep dive into Bieber’s selfie-filled Instagram and found lots of close-ups of her jewelry, much of which she wears on a daily basis. Since’s she’s such a trendsetter of our time, from there we concluded that there are 7 major jewelry trends that people will copy from her in 2021, and TK that she seems to be over. Scroll to find out which to shop, based on her enviable collection, and which to skip for now if you care to follow her lead.

colored stones

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