Pinterest Is the Fashion Destination for Generation Z—Here’s Why

Why do you think you and other Gen Z’ers are using Pinterest more often as a source of fashion inspiration as opposed to other sites or apps? 

While the search bar and hashtags do exist on Pinterest, the app is really unique in the sense that the algorithm is constantly feeding you new photos that are similar to ones you’ve already pinned which is really useful when it comes to finding fashion inspiration. So it comes to a point where I don’t even need to search up keywords to find inspiration—I can simply log onto the app and I expect I will be met with a plethora of new photos. 

Many people have said that Pinterest has helped shaped their lives, attributing to “dream” mood boards, career goals, lifestyle, etc. Is this applicable to your life and if so, how?

Pinterest has provided me an easy way to virtually curate “vision” boards, which has been such an important and powerful step in eventually bringing my visions to life. I would say Pinterest has helped me build my “dream” style. The boards I create bring me exactly the inspiration I need to take risks with my own style and actively think about new ways I can spice up my closet. Also, more often than not, I end up pinning outfits that end up having a common piece, such as a specific leather jacket. Then sometimes I somehow end up finding a similar piece in the thrift store! It’s almost as if Pinterest has a way of working that kind of magic into my life. 

What are some fashion trends you’ve been loving that you’ve found yourself searching for on Pinterest lately?

Funky patterns, the ’70s prints are back and I’m living for it. There are so many pieces in thrift stores with unique patterns and prints, so I always look to Pinterest for ideas of how to style them. I’ve also been seeing patchwork show up over and over in so many cool outfits. Some people have been reworking fabric from thrift stores, and others have been utilizing vintage patchwork pieces. The style is so eye-catching. Berets have also made their way into my wardrobe, and I know of so many others who have done the same especially ever since Emily in Paris released on Netflix!

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