Haters Will Say These Amazon Items Are Ugly, But I Think They Are Perfect

Did I find a majority of these Amazon items via the TikToks of Gen Z girls? Yes. Do I secretly want to dress like every single one of them? Also yes. But before you judge me (I’m 28 for the record), I would like to point out that a large portion of the very specific Gen Z style aesthetic is influenced by Y2K fashion, a time period I actually lived through. Clearly, I am trying to justify my recent change in personal style, but at the end of the day, I am pretty pleased with the sartorial shift considering most of the items I need to achieve my new look can be found on Amazon. I don’t know how much you remember about the whole Y2K vibe, but it was a very special time in fashion, one where baby tees, translucent sunnies, and baggy pants were the It items to own. In case you need a mental refresher, just check out what pops up when you search “Y2K fashion” on Amazon. One scroll through the page and I can guarantee you’ll leave with mixed feelings.

Those mixed feelings are there to help me make my point. The Amazon items I included below could be described as “ugly” but in my world, they are beyond perfect. For the record, I have already purchased the baby tee with the bears on it and multiple sweater vests to which my Gen Z co-worker commented, “I love your range—from $300 Ganni tops to sketch Amazon baby tees.” Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. As you scroll through the 26 products below, I encourage you to envision each one fully styled out. We’re talking Bella Hadid and Devon Carlson vibes. With a mindset like that, I can promise you will appreciate the following much more than you would have if you aimlessly scrolled through this very weird Amazon roundup. 

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