According to Our Editors, 2021 Is All About These 11 Brands

Not to brag, but if there’s one thing our editors are good at, it’s knowing what’s the next big thing in fashion. It’s our job to, after all. We’ve already updated you on the trends to watch out for this year so now we’ll be diving into the brands that have already been on our radar for some time but are definitely having their big moment right now and we’re expecting will continue to grow as the year goes on. It’s hard to keep up with all the brands within the fashion space so I looked to the WWW team and asked which ones they think are going to be reigning in 2021 and I’m going to be honest here—when their replies started to roll in, I couldn’t help but be filled with a little thrill. Since our editors all have different perspectives and styles, I found pieces or brands that I normally wouldn’t have found within my own social following and research. 

From candy-colored knits to risky sheer pieces worn by Bella Hadid, the brands in this mix are ones to know. I’ve seen many of these brands already popping up on every kind of social media, and with an editor stamp of approval, I’m even more excited to keep up with them on their design journey. 

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