I Stopped Wearing Jewelry During Quarantine—Here’s How I Got My Sparkle Back

Of course, some of the older pieces I found showed signs of aging, including tarnished metal, dull stones, or in several cases, a broken clasp or prong. Instead of letting these sentimental pieces language, I decided that using some jewelry cleaner or taking a beloved item to a jeweler for a repair were both worthwhile investments. 

Again, Pariseault came through with some helpful suggestions. “For regular maintenance, especially engagement rings and wedding bands with diamonds and gems, I recommend a household dish soap (anything that claims to degrease) and a bowl of water. Simply soak the piece in soap and water clean gently with a very soft towel like a bamboo facecloth.” Sounds simple enough, right? 

For those of us committed to the DIY route, Pariseault shared a few precautions: Do not attempt to clean any jewelry over the sink—it is too easy for something to fall down the drain. And never use an at-home ultrasonic cleaner, because it can loosen your prongs.

If you want a steam clean, bring a piece to your jeweler every six months or so. The jeweler will check and tighten prongs after cleaning, helping to keep your piece sparkling and secure.

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