The Cool Girl’s Guide to Dressing for NYE

You may already know exactly how you want to dress on New Year’s Eve. Perhaps that’s your go-to dress-and-heels combo, or maybe it’s a more toned-down look consisting of jeans and your favorite blouse. While anything you wear will undoubtedly work, if you really want to make it foolproof, you should stick to a few specific style rules to help you master your look. Because come on—who doesn’t want a killer outfit?

To give you the rundown on the tricks to know, we hit up stylist Alex Sweterlitsch, founder of @fashioninstant, and had her spill on the six rules of dressing cool for New Year’s Eve. Some of these tricks you may already know (and follow!), while others may be new and worth testing out this season. Keep scrolling to learn more. Plus, shop NYE-inspired clothing too. We promise there’s a little something for everybody.

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