37 Random Amazon Finds I Always Get Asked About

I’ve admitted before that even though I might not be the most efficient shopper when I do make a purchase, I commit—wholeheartedly. This is probably why countless friends, family members, and colleagues are always amazed by the must-have products I’ve discovered over the years on Amazon. You see, I am not so secretly a wizard when it comes to finding the best products lurking within the behemoth online retailer. And, of course, while I prefer to shop small, there are just some items that are more efficient and affordable to purchase online.

So keeping the keyword “affordable” in mind, I pulled together a list of 31 random things I’ve found on Amazon that people always ask me about. From fashion basics and trendy accessories to nicely priced beauty must-haves and even a few tech gadgets and wellness essentials, all of the below products are easily sourced on Amazon and can be added to your cart with just a few clicks.

Even better? Every single item on this list clocks in at $50 or less. Still skeptical? Keep scrolling—you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised. 

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