12 Fall Nail Colors That Look *Especially* Great on Brown and Black Skin

We work hard to make sure all of our nail coverage is inclusive, but here, we’re celebrating the best fall nail colors to enhance brown and Black skin, specifically. To get some expert-led guidance, we reached out to four celebrity nail artists who regularly work with legendary women like Beyoncé, Joan Smalls, Naomie Harris, and Paloma Elsesser (and so many more) to glean their top nail color picks for fall. However, this isn’t to say dark skin tones can only wear certain hues this season. Please wear whatever fall nail color you please! (But getting some inside strategy courtesy of the best manicurists in the world isn’t an opportunity we’ll ever pass up.)

There isn’t one specific shade I don’t think is flattering on dark skin,” notes Mimi Wilson, an L.A.–based nail artist and celebrity manicurist to stars like Tabitha Brown, Ciara, Skai Jackson, and Tess Holliday. “Because everyone has different undertones, I think it’s important to test out as many shades as possible to find out which shades don’t work for you.”

Keep scrolling! Below, our expert panel of nail pros are sharing the specific bottles of polish that look *especially* stunning on dark skin tones. 

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