5 Ankle-Boot Trends My Chic Friends Will Wear in 2020

I’ve gone over this before, but I, like many of you, basically live in pointed-toe black ankle boots. The classic silhouette is just so versatile and timeless. What’s not to love, right? That said, while I’d never turn my back (or foot, rather) on my go-to black boots, I’m always open to testing out fresh silhouettes when something feels right at the start of a new season—and many of my friends are also on the same page.

In fact, I recently hung out with a few friends that wear basic booties on the regular, and I brought up some of the biggest boot trends from the runways. While there were actually quite a range of unique looks, there were five key silhouettes that piqued the interest of most in my crew. So with that, I’m sharing a bit of visual (runway and street style) and shopping inspiration below to showcase the cool ankle-boot trends my chic friends are curious about testing out next year. Well, when they decide to peel off their favorite basic booties, that is.

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