What I’m Buying to Dress Better This Fall

Listen, I’m not saying I’m a bad dresser or anything—at least I hope not—but you know when you just feel like you need to step up your game? I guess that’s me right now, and after six months of leggings and sweats thanks to quarantine and a pregnancy which is nearing its final days, I’ve decided fall is going to be the season where I get my groove back—even If I am still spending the majority of my time at home. No, I’m not talking about becoming a completely different person, rather just a more polished and put together version of my recent self.

So, my hope with the below items is that by adding them to my wardrobe, I’ll be basically ensuring that I couldn’t not look amazing, even if I tried. Whether combined or on their own, these pieces upgrade and elevate your fall wardrobe with minimal effort and maximal impact (and that’s my kind of purchase). So, see, read about, and of course shop all six, just keep scrolling.

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