This Is Without a Doubt My Most-Complimented Perfume Ever

However, it didn’t arrive. After just one spritz and one sniff, I was basically drowning myself in the stuff. Salty but sweet, light, and fresh but musky and comforting all at the same time. Skin smells just as you’d expect a perfume named “Skin” to smell. Like just-bathed skin, spraying it is like enveloping yourself in freshly washed, crisp linen, without those all-too-common artificial notes reminiscent of laundry detergent and talc.

And although it was love at first sniff, as I sprayed myself with it every morning, a few weeks into wearing it daily, I began to get used to how beautifully subtle it is. It wasn’t until the third person stopped me in the office to compliment my scent that I was reminded of its wonderfulness. “Why do you always so smell so fresh and clean?” a colleague asked. Stumped, I said it must have been my shampoo or body cream. But then, a few days later, when I sprayed Skin at my desk, the penny dropped, and suddenly, everyone wanted to know the name of my secret perfume. And I think that’s the most wonderful thing about this scent—it’s just so convincing in its beauty and freshness. It’s like skin, sure, but it’s really, really great skin. 

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