I Asked My 5 Glowiest Beauty Buddies for Their Favorite Dewy Foundations

Makeup trends come and makeup trends go, but one look that’s not going anywhere anytime soon is dewy skin. If like me, you follow tons of celebrity makeup artists, influencers, and beauty editors then your Instagram feed is probably a treasure trove of popping highlights and radiant complexions. And while there’s no denying it’s a beautiful look, it’s also super functional, since the added oils and humectants bring out the best in dry and mature skin types.

This glowy look is a gateway to youthful, healthy-looking skin, but achieving it for yourself might feel like an unsolvable mystery. Aside from a kickass skincare routine, you’ll want to grab a dewy foundation to give your skin that perfect, glassy finish. To get the best options for us, I asked five of my favorite makeup artists and beauty editors to share the ones that make their beauty-loving heart skip a beat. 

Read on for all their favorite dewy foundations, along with a few more that have earned top reviews.

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