Fancy Face Masks Are a Thing Now—These Are Our Favorites

These days, the meaning of “going out” is pretty different than it used to be, in more ways than one. Besides the fact that there’s a 50% chance you’re dressed in athleisure, it’s more likely you’re going to a park than a party, and the frequency of such outings has probably taken a significant hit, hopefully, you also wouldn’t possibly consider leaving the house without a mask in tow—something I never could have guessed would become the norm a mere seven months ago.

Nonetheless, such is life, and as masks have become more of wardrobe staples than optional accessories, subcategories have naturally developed within the growing market. There are disposable masks, cute masks, cotton masks for hotter days, fall-ready masks, and, as I’ve come to notice more and more, “fancy” masks.

Now, you’re probably wondering two things. Firstly, “What makes a mask fancy?” The guidelines for that are still being worked out, but whether it’s lace, embroidery, silk, or a chic print, there’s definitely a vibe to fancier masks that you can just feel when you look at them. Secondly, “Why would one need a fancy mask?” Plenty of reasons! You could be partaking in a micro-wedding of just a few people, but don’t want to look too casual. It might be date night and your evening stroll calls for something a little special. Or maybe you just simply feel you deserve the nicest mask the market has to offer, and I second that!

Whatever your reason, if fancy face masks are calling your name, I’ve got you covered. Simply keep scrolling to shop my favorites right now, and remember: Once you’ve got one, don’t leave home without it.

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