YSL Bags 101: The Top Styles You’ll Have in Your Closet Forever

The most important thing to consider when investing in a designer bag is to know the purpose it will have in your life. Ask yourself, do you prefer an everyday carryall? Then maybe the Sac De Jour is for you. If you’re one to throw your bag around and are a bit more rough, then you should probably steer towards the Sac De Jour duffle because it has a zip closure, organizational pockets, and a canvas lining.

If you are one to keep your bag organized without the help of added pockets and compartments, but need something more spacious to fit a laptop and gym clothes, then maybe the Shopper Tote is right for you. Or, if you’re somebody that likes to show off for a night out, then consider the Classic Monogram Quilted Leather Shoulder bag, the Loulou, or the Sunset bag (which is most similar to the wallet on a chain). These differ slightly in depth and style, but they are all perfect for any night out.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with options, visit a store and bring everything you’d like to fit inside it. Make sure your accoutrements fit comfortably with room to grow, just in case.


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