My 68-Year-Old Mom Says These Anti-Aging Night Creams Are So Worth It

When you’ve been interested in skincare for over five decades, you definitely learn a thing or two along the way. Such is the case with my beautiful 68-year-old mom, Lucy. When I asked her to review some of her favorite anti-aging night creams for this story, she sent me back a novel chronicling her entire experience with beauty products—even before high school—leaving me to edit it down and extract the good stuff. (Love ya, Mom!) But trust me when I say there is plenty of good stuff to go around. 

“At age 12, I fell in love with my lovely grandmother’s favorite skin treatments from Dorothy Gray,” my mom told me about her first interest in beauty products. “She bought them from elegant cosmetic saleswomen in white coats at the Rexall Drugstore. Her skin was luminous.” Since then, my mom has honed her product-testing skills and uncovered the most effective products for her dry/combination skin. “Years after learning about Dorothy Gray, I fell in love with everything French and became a devotee of Lancôme, my first department store brand,” she says. These days, she still loves Lancôme but also has a lot more brands in her repertoire, making her a great source of intel since she’s tried so many products. Below, I had my mom reveal her favorite anti-aging night creams that she says are tried-and-true. 

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