I’m a Yoga Instructor Living in L.A.—These Are the 8 Yoga Shorts I Swear By

Whether you practice yoga a lot, dabble in it here and there, or you’re thinking of starting it up, wearing a comfortable outfit is key to allow you to flow through your yoga poses properly and reap the physical and mental benefits it has to offer.

While we may all have a trusty pair of leggings in our closet that we reach for when practicing yoga, today we’re honing in on yoga shorts, an excellent alternative to yoga pants that allow you to move freely, check your body alignment easily, and are ideal for practicing hot yoga.

Yoga shorts (or clothes for that matter) don’t need to expensive. The most important part is that they’re comfortable, stretchable and that they fit your body just right.

So what are the best yoga shorts out there? We tapped into L.A.-based yoga instructor Rebecca Watson, who practices asana five days a week and meditation daily to share the yoga shorts she loves and swears by. Check out her picks below and get inspired by her Instagram to try some of her energizing and grounding poses.

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