The Prettiest Fall Trend Can Cost as Little as $3 But Looks So Expensive

Maybe it’s just me, but I happen to think that you can throw a black bow on pretty much any article of clothing and it will look instantly elevated. From tops and sweaters to casual dresses and evening gowns, there’s something about the little—or big, depending on the case—detail that just feels fancy. That’s why I was quite pleased this past February when I noticed countless bows in velvet, satin, and grosgrain going down the runways of so many of our favorite brands and on a range of pieces. A memory I recently revisited while doing another deep dive into F/W 20 trends last month.  

What’s especially great about this one in particular, however, is that while it does look and certainly can be expensive, it can also cost you as little as $3, as long as you’re not opposed to an easy DIY. All you need to do is buy the ribbon or pre-tied bows—Amazon is a gold mine of them—and sew or simply pin them to any piece you already own. Voila! An instant upgrade awaits. To see the best runway moments featuring the trend and shop ribbons, bows, and clothing that already features them along the way, just keep scrolling.

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