“Skater” Jeans Are the Cool New Denim Trend to Try This Fall

Not too long ago, I reached out to some of my favorite shopping experts to get the inside scoop on all the best fall items we should be snapping up on the earlier side of the season. From sweater vests to heavy chains, they really hit the nail on the head, but there was one must-have fall item that stood out to me amongst the rest: skater jeans. Celenie Laura Fleur Seidel, senior womenswear fashion editor at Farfetch, identified this denim trend as one to watch out for this season, and I couldn’t agree more. “Big and baggy, the skater jean is a new favorite for fall. Offset with feminine elements like a neat cardigan or a little ladylike bag for an unexpected interpretation of the look,” she said. 

This baggier denim trend gives hints to that skater-girl vibe when paired with Vans and oversize striped tees, but as Seidel said, when juxtaposed with a tiny bag, kitten heels, and maybe even some pearls, this casual denim trend can instantly read elegant and forward. But don’t be mistaken—this look is taken straight from the late ’90s skater kids we all secretly wanted to be, but the style is officially back and it’s better. Based on the versatile styling ideas alone, skater jeans seem to be a great denim choice for the season ahead. Throw in the fact that looser clothing, in general, has officially begun to suit our more casual lifestyles due to the pandemic and you’ve got yourself a must-have new denim trend to try this fall. 

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