Katie Holmes Just Brought Back the It Trend You Wore in High School

Right about now, I’m wishing I didn’t throw out all the trends I used to wear in high school: denim mini skirts, polo shirts, and now thanks to Katie Holmes, tube tops. She was photographed in New York City wearing the trend in such an easy yet chic way: with all-white accessories to match the top. And no, she didn’t forget her face mask—safety first!

Of course, tube tops are just the latest in a long line of trends that have come back from the ’90s and 2000s. In fact, just this week, one of my colleagues wrote about the resurgence of tube skirts á la Rachel Green from Friends. So you can either wear tube tops like Holmes with sneakers and skinny jeans or go all-out and find a coordinating tube skirt. The choice is yours. Scroll down to see Katie Holmes’s new outfit. 

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